Guided tour in town in English

Half-way the 19th century a growing number of people came to Blankenberge. Their presence changed the look of the ”City and the Port” into an international centre for tourism. The construction of the railway Brugge – Blankenberge in the year 1863 has forced the breakthrough of the city as a tourist resort. Villas, pensions, hotels and stated houses sprang up like mushrooms and changed the outlook of the city. The seafront was soon fully built with serried villas. An impressive Casino replaced the former Fortress Napoleon.  The fisherman’s vessels , once the most familiar view of the beach, were no longer wanted and relocated to the refuge harbour.  During this guided tour you will follow the track of the evolution of the fishermen’s city into the present dynamic  seaside resort.

Duration :  1,5 to 2 hrs  -                Cost: €75 euro ;               maximum participants : 20

For reservation please contact via vsb.vzw@gmail.com